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20/Aug/2002Cybernoid 1K released for the 2002 MiniGame Compo
28/Mar/2002Vai left NoName to rejoin his old crew Slash Design
25/Mar/2002Released "CyberTracker Packer BETA #1" !
11/Mar/2002Zzap69 joined as a musician
27/Dec/2001Beta released "CSDb - The C-64 Scene Database"
14/Sep/2001Released "CyberTracker version 1.01"
15/Apr/2001Released "Retro Tunnel" at Mekka Symposium 2001
13/Apr/2001Released "CyberTracker version 1.00" at Mekka Symposium 2001
23/Jul/2000Welli joined as a musician
14/Apr/2000Rorschach left No Name
29/Dec/1999Released "Y2K (Duck & Cover)" and "Raster Crime"
29/Dec/1999Won 1st & 3rd place at The Party 1999 with "Y2K (Duck & Cover)" & "Raster Crime"

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