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10-Jan-2003CyberTracker has been downloaded  3 0 0 0  times from noname.c64.org
04-Apr-2002CyberTracker has been downloaded  2 0 0 0  times from noname.c64.org
25-Mar-2002CyberTracker Packer BETA #1 online !
28-Dec-2001CyberTracker XMas Pack 2001 online
26-Dec-2001CyberTracker Executable Maker v1.01 online
13-Dec-2001CyberTracker Executable Maker v1.00 released
13-Nov-2001New version of the fileformat guide is online - now 100% bugfree(tm)
06-Nov-2001New module online: If You Don't Follow by Aki Latvamäki
04-Nov-2001New module online: Great When Stoned by Roger van Hout
03-Oct-2001CyberTracker has been downloaded  1 0 0 0  times from noname.c64.org
24-Sep-20012 new modules online: Auftrieb & Stille by Pater Pi/Church64
14-Sep-2001CyberTracker version 1.01 released
26-Aug-2001Module voting online Go to the downloads page to vote for your favorite CT tunes
24-Aug-2001CyberTracker now has a mailing list
14-Aug-2001CyberTracker has been downloaded 600 times from noname.c64.org
12-Aug-20014 new modules online: Wolfentanz, Arabian Ship, Compress & Plutokratie by Pater Pi/Church64
08-Aug-20012 new modules online: HomeGirlRap & Crack Intro by CyberBrain
08-Aug-2001Instrument Disk v1 is online
28-Jul-2001The development of the CyberTracker Packer is progressing
17-Jul-20012 new modules online: Wave Emotion & Nano Tekk by Johnny Owl
11-Jul-20012 new modules online: Love Explosion & Instruktion by Aki Latvamäki
20-Jun-2001New module online: SID:EREAL by Johnny Owl
13-Apr-2001CyberTracker version 1.00 released at Mekka Symposium 2001

"Cybertracker kicks ass, too bad it wasn't invented before.
IMHO it's a quantum leap from all the other music editing tools on C64; most of them were very embryonic or hard to use (eg: DMC).
On the contrary, Cybertracker has a quite comfortable interface, yet it's powerful.
And you hardly need the manual if you've ever used a tracker before.
Finally you can create with ease all those synthesized squeaks from the home computer we're all proud of." - Johnny Owl (Italy)

"In my view Cybertracker is a real great editor for me as a beginner with C64 music.
Everything seems quite familiar because it looks quite a lot like the trackers on PC or Amiga
instead of those other C64 editors which always confused me a little due to their strange song structure.
One of the best things about CyberTracker is the way you make the instruments.
It's really fun just to load the prog and play around with the different
parameters in the Instrument Editor for a long time." - Pater Pi/Church64

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